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Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Hello! My name is Simba. I came from the same place Nala did, an auction in Texas. No one wanted me, so a "kill-buyer" had bid on me. Luckily for me the auction house did not want me to go to slaughter, so they no-saled me and offered me up for rescue. A few days after the auction I made the long trip to Arizona with Nala. I was in pretty good shape when I got to Arizona, besides having a nasty upper respiratory infection that took me 4 months to get over. I like it here, and my humans say I am a very good boy. I love to play with my stud colt friends, and eat lots of hay. I also love water! I play in my water all the time, and when it is hot my mom sprays me with the hose and that is so much fun! I have some funny looking lumps on my ankle and shin, but the nice "vet" human said they are nothing to worry about and won't make me lame. I am still growing like crazy!

DOB: 2017

Height: 14hh

Breed: No earthly idea (maybe standardbred cross)

Color: Sorrel

Gender: Gelding

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