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The Mission: Compassion, Allegiance, Rehabilitation and Education. Compassion for the sentient spirit of these beautiful animals, Allegiance to the cause of rescuing and protecting them, Rehabilitating them so they can reach their full potential and Educating people about kind and effective training methods so horses are kept and loved and don’t end up in bad situations.


It is C.A.R.E. for Horses Foundation's goal to provide care and sanctuary for abused, neglected, unhandled and “problem” horses that are at risk of being sent to slaughter. It is C.A.R.E. for Horses Foundation's goal to rehabilitate these horses through extensive training and socialization and, when appropriate, rehome them to qualified homes.


In addition to providing direct care and training for at risk horses, it is C.A.R.E. for Horses Foundation's mission to educate the horse community about the rehabilitation of abused, unhandled and “problem” horses because these horses are at highest risk for ending up at the slaughter house. This education takes the form of live training demonstrations which incorporate C.A.R.E. for Horses Foundation horses, as well as a collection of online educational materials. These clinics and educational materials promote the uniquely kind and incredibly effective training methods developed by Raney Horsemanship.


C.A.R.E. for Horses Foundation believes strongly in the power of education, and that education is perhaps our greatest opportunity for impact. C.A.R.E. for Horses Foundation believes that our clinics and educational materials will help not only raise awareness and foster compassion for at risk horses, but ultimately provide as many people as possible with the tools to safely handle and train their horses so they remain cared for and valued.  

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