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C.A.R.E. for Horses Foundation is a nonprofit corporation that has 501c3 status with the IRS - EIN: 84-4069519.  

C.A.R.E. for Horses Foundation provides direct care and sanctuary for at risk horses (abused, neglected, unhandled and “problem” horses that are at risk of being sent to slaughter).  “Care” includes providing feed, water, housing, necessary vet and farrier care and very importantly, training. 


Most horses come to C.A.R.E. for Horses Foundation extremely malnourished, sick and many of them potentially dangerous due to problem behaviors or being unhandled (wild). C.A.R.E. for Horses Foundation rehabilitates these horses through extensive training and socialization and, if appropriate, either rehomes them to qualified homes or incorporates the horses into public outreach demonstrations (clinics).


C.A.R.E. for Horses Foundation believes strongly in educating the horse community about how to rehabilitate abused, unhandled and “problem” horses because these horses are at highest risk for ending up at auctions and funneling into the slaughter pipeline. C.A.R.E. for Horses Foundation believes that educating the public through live training demonstrations as well as online educational materials (videos, eLearning modules, and printables) will help not only raise awareness and foster compassion for at risk horses, but ultimately provide as many people as possible with the tools to safely handle and train these horses so they remain valued and cared for and do not end up in bad situations.



Founder / President


Tessa is an avid horsewoman and animal lover. She has over 30 years of experience working with horses, and 12 years experience as an educator. In addition to operating the foundation, she works as an instructional designer for Arizona State University. Tessa provides direct care for the foundation's horses and also designs and develops all educational outreach material.




Christine Orpen is a retired Marriage and Family Therapist with a master's degree in clinical psychology. She is Tessa's mother, and was a horse-show mom for many years. In addition to being a supporter of the foundation's rescue efforts, she is excited about expanding the foundation's outreach activities and the "humans healing horses and horses healing humans" model. 


C.A.R.E. for Horses Foundation follows the "No Noise - No Nonsense" training philosophy developed by Raney Horsemanship.  “No Noise—No Nonsense” is an approach to natural horsemanship that ultimately builds trust, confidence and respect. To learn more about this uniquely kind and effective approach, visit

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