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Hello there! My name is Breva. My human says she is not quite sure what my story is. Before she rescued me, I had ended up at a slaughter auction. From there I was sold to a kill-buyer and moved to a kill-pen. I became so sick and very thin at the kill-pen. I was lonely and sick and so hungry. I kept waiting for someone to rescue me but no one wanted me. I was about to load onto the slaughter truck when my human found me. All of a sudden instead of getting on the slaughter truck I was loaded onto a different trailer. 20 hours later I arrived in this place called Arizona. The humans are so nice here and I have all the food I can eat and lots of friends. I am feeling much better now. I love getting scratches and frolicking with my friends!

DOB: 2013

Height: 16hh

Breed: Thoroughbred

Color: Bay

Gender: Mare

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