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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Hello! My name is Phoebe, and I came from Texas. Someone rescued me while I was pregnant, but when they found out I didn't really want people to touch me or catch me, they abandoned me and my unborn foal in the quarantine facility. Luckily for me, the nice lady who owned the quarantine facility took really good care of me. She gave me a lot of good hay and some yummy grain to help me get healthy before I had my baby (I was very thin and sick).

Then one night, I had a beautiful palomino colt. He was so sweet and tiny. I took very good care of him but was not producing enough milk to feed him so the humans provided extra milk for him. I loved being a mom! Except I kept hearing about the humans who wanted to adopt my baby because he was so cute, but they did not want me. They wanted to split us up, and I did not want that to happen. Luckily, neither did the nice quarantine lady. She waited until another human offered a home to my baby AND me. That is when we took a long trailer ride to a place called "Arizona."

We really like it here in Arizona. My paddock is just a few paddocks away from my baby (who is now a big beautiful colt) so I can see him and talk to him whenever I want. I get a lot of good food here and get to hang out with my friends. I am extremely head shy because humans have hurt me very badly in the past and I am still afraid. I am slowly learning to trust the humans though. I let them catch me and pet me now, and sometimes I come over to them to say "hi" in the paddock.

DOB: 2005

Height: 15.2hh

Breed: Quarter horse

Color: Dunskin

Gender: Mare

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