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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Hi, my name is Gunner! I came from Louisiana, and well, it is kind of a long story...but after being raced as a yearling and severely beaten for not winning, I got dumped in a kill-pen. Apparently no one wanted me, so I stayed at the kill-pen for several weeks. They decided to stop feeding me so I got so thin and very sick. I was so sad and had lost all hope, when FINALLY someone came to get me. I was so sick at that point though I could not even eat the food they gave me at "quarantine." My mom in Arizona was not sure what to do, but made the decision to bring me to Arizona as soon as she could get me there (even though it was a long trip). I finally made it to Arizona, but I was so thin and weak when I arrived. My previous humans had left a halter on me so long that it was embedded in my face. My mom had to cut it off. Luckily, despite all of this, I still had an appetite, and the hay here was yummy and did not hurt my tummy. It took six months for me to gain enough weight not to look like a skeleton. And now I am finally fat and healthy.

My mom says I am "broke to ride" but very green. I can be a stinker in my pen (sometimes I forget that I can't play with humans like I do other horses). I can be mouthy and play aggressively so my humans are vigilant when they come into my pen. But, I am easily trained and behave quite well when the halter is on. I have a blue spot in my left eye from being hit in the eye. The vet says it does not affect my vision though. I love eating hay and playing with my friends (although I play really rough so my mom has to be careful who she turns me out with). I am a super cool gray roan color and my mom says I have gotten quite handsome!

DOB: 2016

Height: 15hh

Breed: Quarter horse/ Thoroughbred (there may be some appaloosa in there too)

Color: Gray roan

Gender: Gelding

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