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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Hello hello! My name is Zoey. My mom calls me "ZoZo." I came from a kill-pen in Texas, where I was separated from my mom at a young age. I was so young in fact that I did not know how to eat really. I was used to my mother's milk, but they took her away. I was so sad and lonely and hungry. I started losing a lot of weight and got a really bad cold. I felt awful. So awful I could barely walk. Finally, a nice human came to get me, but by that time I was extremely ill. They took me to a place called "quarantine" where I saw the "vet" but I was so sick I would not eat anything, and I had horrible diarreah. The humans were so nice and kept giving me all sorts of food but I didn't want any of it. The humans thought I was going to die. But finally, I decided to try eating this yummy grain they had given me that was mixed with milk. Once the humans realized I liked the grain mash, they gave me more, and slowly but surely I started to feel better.

It took me 4 months in quarantine to get over my cold and gain enough weight to no longer look like a skeleton. Once I was healthy enough to travel, I got on a trailer with Maverick and Nike and made a long trip to Arizona.

I really like Arizona, and the humans take such good care of me that I have decided to love humans forever. My mom calls me her "lap-horse." I am in very good health now. I do have a gnarly scar on my right hip, but it does not affect me. I LOVE food and playing with my friends in the paddock. I am pushy and bossy with the other horses, and am second in command to Nike (who is my best friend).

DOB: 2017

Height: 14hh

Breed: Quarter horse

Color: Palomino

Gender: Mare

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