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Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Hi! My name is Zeus. My mom calls me "Zeusy-Moose" because I am so big. I used to be a rodeo horse. One day I decided that I did not want to buck anymore and my owner sent me to an auction. I was extremely scared at the auction. The humans used electric rods to move me around and I was terrified. I would do anything to get away from them. The people at the auction said I was "dangerous," and sent me to a kill-pen in Oklahoma. I was in the direct ship-pen (this is where they send horses so they go straight to the slaughter house with no chance of rescue) when my mom found me (with the help of some nice humans who decided I deserved a chance to be rescued). After a few days someone arrived with a big trailer and gently loaded me on. I arrived in Texas several hours later at a friendly place with nice humans and lots of hay. I was still very scared and did not trust anyone, but the place seemed safe (and no one used electric rods). I stayed there for a while then made the very long trailer ride to Arizona where I met my rescuer. I would not let her touch me for 6 months (I had to be sure I could trust her) but I finally decided she was a safe human. Now I let her and the other humans give me scratches and put a halter on me and lead me around. I really like it here (other than the summer heat). I am the first one at the gate at feeding time and I LOVE my alfalfa and rice bran!

DOB: 2014

Height: 17hh

Breed: Clydesdale/Mustang

Color: Black and white

Gender: Gelding


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