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Hi, my name is Maverick. I came from Texas, where I had been bounced around from auction to auction and finally ended up at this place called a "kill-pen." I am very handsome and friendly, so I could not figure out why no humans wanted to take me home. Then finally, one did. I left the place called "kill-pen" and went to "quarantine." I was really relaxed about the whole process. "Quarantine" was nice. Plenty of food and very friendly humans. After a few months at "quarantine" I got on a trailer (with some friends I had made at "quarantine") and we started what turned out to be a reeeeally long trip. We finally arrived 18 hours later in Arizona. It was hot, but I liked it. My new human was kind and really seemed to like me. I hung out for a couple of months making new friends and enjoying the company of the humans. One day my human said she was worried about my feet. My feet really hurt (they had been hurting for a while but no one seemed to notice), so I am so glad SHE noticed! She also said she was worried about my tummy because she thought I was acting like my tummy hurt too. Well guess what? It DID hurt, especially after I ate. A few nice men came out and inspected me all over and talked a lot to my new human about me. They said they thought I had something called "ulcers," and also "thin soles" on my feet. Then I got these special padded shoes, and medicine twice a day for my tummy. I still have some discomfort in my feet but I am doing much better now! And my tummy does not hurt nearly as bad. I eat all my alfalfa and love to snack on Bermuda throughout the day. My mom says I am "broke to ride" but she does not ride me because of my health issues. I don't mind. I get plenty of attention and I am king of the paddock. I boss all the mares around. I am kind though, and love the company of the other horses.

DOB: 2012

Height: 15hh

Breed: Pintaloosa

Color: Bay and white tri-color pintaloosa

Gender: Gelding


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