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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Hola! My name is Oreo. I came from a kill-pen in Texas where I was dumped with a bunch of my brothers and sisters when I was little. Luckily I was not at the kill-pen very long before my rescue human found me. I was in pretty good shape for the most part. I had a snotty nose but that was the worst of it. They tried to put this thing called a "halter" on me but I would not let them. So they just let me get on the trailer naked. The humans took me to "quarantine" where I met more nice humans and other horses.

At "quarantine" the humans noticed that at times my hind legs would get stuck. They called this "locking stifles." Luckily this does not really bother me too much and usually happens when I have been standing around, not when I am moving. But the humans are pretty sure this is why I ended up at the "kill-pen" to begin with.

I only spent a short time in quarantine because I was pretty healthy. From quarantine I made a long trip to Arizona with my friend Phoebe and her colt Finn. I, nor Phoebe or Finn, would have anything to do with a "halter" so when we got to Arizona the humans had to run us down their driveway to get us into the paddock.

I really like Arizona. The humans are nice, the food is yummy and I have a lot of friends to play with. I have become friendly and let my humans put the "halter" on me now. I am sweet and docile (considering I am young and have not had much training yet). My human is excited to start training me. I am excited too! I really think I will like learning new things and playing games with the humans.

DOB: 2016 Height: 14.2hh Breed: Appaloosa Color: Black roan partial leopard appaloosa Gender: Gelding

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