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Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Howdy! My name is Nala. I came from Texas where my owner had put me in an auction. Someone called a "kill-buyer" tried to buy me there because no one else wanted me, but the auction house would not let that happen. Instead of letting me go to the kill-buyer, the auction house "no-saled" me and offered my up online to be rescued. After a few days someone rescued me! A nice lady came to get me (and my friend Simba who was at the same auction) and we took a long trailer ride to Arizona where we met our new human. I wanted to meet all the nice humans and make new friends, but I had a bad cold (so did Simba) so we were not allowed to hang out with the other horses right away. It took 4 months for me to get over my cold, but I finally did. Once I was healthy my human said I could start something called "training." At first I was extremely scared of "training," because I had "training" in Texas with someone who was mean to me. But after a while I began to realize that "training" here was not scary at all. The humans were so kind. I started to really like the nice man who worked with me. Now I know how to be ridden without a saddle or bridle, how to lay down when asked, and how to pick my human up off the fence. "Training" is so much fun!

DOB: 2016

Height: 14hh

Breed: Quarter horse

Color: Dunalino

Gender: Mare


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